Working in Recruitment – The First Three Months

Jake is a Resourcer here at Niyaa People, working on the Real Estate desk. Our Marketing Assistant Laura sat down with him to talk all about his first three months, from his proudest moment so far to what he’d recommend to any newbies who want to start their recruitment career. 

Q: Why did you join Recruitment?

A: It was something I always wanted to do, from the age of 16, 17. The money as well, the potential is brilliant for uncapped earnings. 

Q: How did you come across us?

A: It was through a Rec to Rec, 360 Recruitment. When they presented to us, they had Niyaa and a few other options on the table. Niyaa really stood out to me because of the culture, when I met everyone it was amazing and the training they offered was amazing too. 

Q: Would you recommend us?

A: I wouldn’t recommend mates, not sure I’d want to work with them. But definitely, definitely to any trainee’s who want to get their foot in the door.

Q: What key things do you find interesting about your role?

A: The people definitely. On the real estate division, it’s high end. The partners and directors, dealing with them is really fun. And getting to know them, that they’re just normal people too, is quite nice. 

Q: Any highlights from the past three months?

A: Definitely passing my review. Looking back from day one to now and the knowledge I have built up, it’s surprising really to see how I’d react in different situations compared to before. There’s a lot more to do now down the line. 

Q: Have you made any mistakes?

A: I’ve never made mistakes! No I’ve made a handful of mistakes. Some of them have been quite major, but I think that’s what’s expected in your first three months, we’re not a superhero. 

Q: What would you recommend to someone who wanted to join Recruitment?

A: Be prepared for the hard work! The hours, some days I won’t be leaving until like half 8 at night. Sometimes I spend more time with the cleaner than I do my own mum…

Q: Any proud moments?

A: Passing my review and the progression. From day one to now and how much I’ve learnt, how far I’ve come. I can now see new opportunities and leads that I wouldn’t have noticed before.

Q: Sum it up in three words

A: Enjoyable, rewarding and a bit emotional 

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10th February

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