Women Progressing in Leadership – Equal Housing Roundup

Jobs"Inspiring speakers who shed light on different journeys to success and how barriers can always be overcome."

After months of build-up, we finally held our Equal Housing event this month, set up by our Housing consultant Kam Shergill and we’re thrilled by how the day went.

For the main reason that we had a fantastic panel and speakers, a brilliant turnout of like-minded industry professionals and a collaborative, safe environment for all to contribute their opinions and listen to journeys of women progressing in leadership.

Held at YMCA Birmingham and with WISH sponsoring the event, we had 5 inspirational women in Housing sharing their thoughts on the future of equality within the industry:

There was valuable advice on career barriers and stories to highlight what it really takes to get to the top. Alongside some controversial opinions, like is it other females that are creating barriers making it more difficult for other women to climb the ladder? 

"What is your money note that will make someone listen and remember you?"

Karen Armitage

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15th October

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