Three benefits of promoting people from within your business.

Internal promotions are key to building a positive working environment for any business. Imagine you’re looking for a job in a company, however there is no possibility of promotion or growth. Would you still want to join? The answer would probably be no.

Finding and developing talent within the business gives every part of a team the chance to push their limits and be rewarded for it. This success is then seen by other members of the team, showing that hard work pays off. Giving employees a chance to dictate which areas of themselves they want to develop and how they want to do so is empowering and motivating for any workforce, especially in recruitment.

The benefits of internal promotion are endless, but to put it simply:

- You’re promoting people and showing that working hard and staying with the business pays off, and the whole company can see that

- The transition to a new role and duties will be seamless when promoting from within the business because they know the company, processes, and the brand

- They’ll already be a perfect fit for the team culture

However, a businesses can never just rely on internal promotions alone, and if growing the headcount in a business is a focus, then external hiring must also play a vital role. The candidates that are chosen and hired within the company will shape the future of it. They’ll be the brand architects who in the future will (hopefully) grow and develop through internal promotion.

At Niyaa People we’ve managed to build a positive ‘family like’ culture that we really believe is unique. For that reason, finding the ‘right candidate’ to join the team is so important, they need to understand us and our values, and hold them as their own.

We spoke to our Talent Acquisition Officer, Stephanie about what she looks for when it comes to Internal Recruitment and why cultural match is so important.

“My main focus when I come across a CV isn’t so much an individual’s education or their job titles it’s what experience and skills they have gained in their current or previous roles.

The reasoning behind this is quite straight forward, we want employees that align with our vision for growth, and our values. We have an outstanding academy here at Niyaa and so we know that if we find the right kind of person, with the right attitude and motivations then we can teach them how to be a good recruiter. When we’re looking for new hires, we want candidates that are resilient and hardworking, these are skills that can be found in employees from various backgrounds from sales roles through to a position at McDonalds.

This why personality is so important in the recruitment process for me, it will really separate the good candidates from the great. We’ve all been in a job where the role is good, but you don’t get along with your colleagues, its makes working for the company difficult. Here at Niyaa we’ve built such a great team of recruiters, and we really all do get on and that’s what makes working here so amazing. If I’m completely honest when screening my candidates, I’m simply looking for down-to-earth and confident individuals that can sell themselves. Someone being themselves goes a long way for me (prep and research doesn’t hurt either).”

There really is no substitute for wanting to work somewhere and wanting to really build a career. If you’re interested in finding out what life could be like for you at Niyaa, take a look at our work for us pages and if it sounds like your thing, apply for one of our roles here.

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