The top 5 advantages of temp to perm recruitment.

Temp to perm recruitment, also known as temporary-to-permanent or temp-to-hire, is a hiring strategy that brings in employees on a temporary or contract basis, before taking them on permanently. We work with housing associations and councils across the UK, and time and time again we face push back from our clients when it comes to temp to perm employment.

We’re here to tell you why it could benefit your organisation, and give you an example of where we’ve really seen it benefit one of our clients.

Top 5 advantages of temp to perm recruitment:

  • Evaluation period: Temp to perm recruitment allows employers to assess an employee's skills, performance, and cultural fit before making a long-term commitment.
  • Skill match: Employees to assess the compatibility of skills and job requirements. Employers can evaluate whether the temporary employee possesses the right skills required for the role, and if they align with the organisation's needs. Similarly, employees can gain first-hand experience of the job and evaluate if it aligns with their goals and interests.
  • Increased retention: Temp to perm recruitment increases the likelihood of long-term employee retention. As temporary employees get to know the organisation, its culture, and work processes, they can seamlessly transition into permanent roles. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover rates.
  • Seamless onboarding: Since temporary employees have already spent time working within the organisation, they have a head start in terms of familiarity with the company's operations, policies, and procedures. This can result in a smoother transition into a permanent role, reducing the time and resources required for onboarding.
  • Cultural fit: Temp to perm recruitment provides an opportunity for employers to evaluate an employee's fit within the organisational culture. It allows both parties to assess whether the employee aligns with the company values, work environment, and team dynamics, leading to better cultural integration.

Our Trades and Labour Recruitment Specialist, Moses, discusses the success he’s had recently with temporary to permanent recruitment, and how it’s helped benefit his clients: 

‘’I currently work in the trades market in the north, and partner with a handful of large housing associations that have benefitted from this type of employment. I’ve recently just started working with a housing association that was struggling to recruit for Electricians to work on their voids properties.

The work that needed to be done was urgent as they were still working on the backlog of work from covid. They couldn’t find any suitable Electricians, and when they did, they would leave straight away, they just couldn’t get them to stick.

They had tried to offer the roles on a permanent basis, but after months of no luck, they agreed to offering the Electrician roles on a temp to perm contract.

Fast forward 6 months, and I’ve now placed 10 Electricians with them, all of which started on a temp to perm basis. Now 8 of these candidates have been taken on permanently with the business, and my contact at the housing association will only recruit using this method.

Sometimes it just takes a little persuasion, that's all. The proof is in the results.'

So, have we convinced you yet? 👀

Overall, temp to perm recruitment offers a flexible, low-risk approach to hiring that allows both the organisation, and the candidate to evaluate the suitability of the relationship before permanent decisions are made. It can save time, and money, so why not give it a go?

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28th June

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