Benefits at work: Why this company didn’t lose a staff member in 10 years

JobsWitten by Matthew Davies – Manager and Real Estate Specialist

From my work in 2019 I have met and spoke with over 150 different companies from predominately property multidisciplinary or consultancy practices. 

I was looking back through each businesses staff retention rates and in particular one business stands out. Purely because they haven’t lost a member of staff since 2008, and have grown the office from 5 to 16 people in that time.

Amongst the many reasons why I feel this business succeeds with its staff retention was simply because of the way the owner and senior managers genuinely treated their staff.

When I visited the office, they made me feel extremely welcome and its the first time I’ve been in an office that all the employees had a smile and appeared to be enjoying work.

The vibe was one of the best I’d seen.

How a company had the best staff retention rates (according to the staff)

  • They pay slightly above the market rate for basic salaries
  • Bonuses are clearly structured so it’s down to the individual drive
  • The company orders food for each employee each week
  • They dry clean their suits/work-wear once a month
  • Their car will have a full valet and wash each month
  • They were made to feel like a valued individual
  • Their genuine supportive and relaxed working culture

We’re interested to hear – would benefits like this interest you? What’s the best work benefit you’ve ever received?

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2nd May

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