A day in the life of a Recruitment Consultant.

You'd be surprised how often we get asked 'what is Recruitment anyway?' and 'what does a Recruiter actually do?'.

Today we thought it might be useful to share the day to day experiences of one of our Delivery Recruitment Consultants, Chloe. Delivery Recruitment Consultants typically only deal with the candidate side of recruitment, and rarely manage client relationships. They usually look for candidates for one Recruitment Consultant, or a team of consultants who all have jobs already live. Chloe has put together what a typical day in her life usually looks like.

4.00pm - It all starts really from the night before - the last hour I tend to think what I want to work on the following day and make sure that everything is ready for me i.e sending candidate emails for relevant jobs, jobs advertised, sending CV to clients.

8.00am - Then I get into work - coffee in hand of course - and log on. First thing I do is open up the system and get all of my jobs up, get the day plan out and check that the plan is still the same. The current job marketing is very reactive, so things change very quickly, sometimes over night.

9.00am - Assuming that everything goes to plan and an urgent vacancy doesn’t come up - I crack on with the email responses about the current roles I emailed out. The thing is I might speak to someone who seems interested in one particular role over email, and then when I speak to them over the phone, they find out more detail about the role and may not be so keen. The best thing to do, especially as a delivery consultant, is find out the best fit for the candidate. If they're happy and understand the job and what they're getting themselves into from the start, they're more likely to show up to the interview and more likely to show up to the job. So share all the options, don’t hide any elements of the role from them.

I tend to work on your main jobs first thing in the morning - when I'm fresh and fully engaged. I like to swap up tasks every hour/ hour and a half so that the work doesn’t get repetitive. Sticking to 'core hours' really helps as me as don’t get side tracked, and all admin tasks are done around the key hours in the day.

12.00pm - Lunch is so important to regather and restart yourself! I like to go for a walk, go grab a coffee, sometimes even put on an episode of something on Netflix. I like to take myself out of the recruiter mindset, even for 20 minutes. Because then when I go back to my desk, I actually feel like I've had a break.

1.00pm - The afternoon is much the same, working on a different role, different area. I always like to call the guys I know and have a good relationship with, because it makes them feel valued, even if the role isn’t 100% right for them, it shows them I'm trying.

3.30pm - Then about 3:30 I take stock of what I've done, who's been sent to clients, any interviews I need to get feedback from tomorrow and plan for the next day.

Always being two steps ahead helps with damage control and keeps me organised. Recruitment is such a whirlwind of a career, actually having a grasp of everything is impossible, but making sure I have things under control really helps take away some of the stress.

If you'd like to find out more information about becoming a Recruitment Consultant, visit our 'join us' page here.

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27th March

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