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What's the programme?

One of the top interview questions we hear when hiring internally is about our Learning and Development, what training we offer and what’s the progression like.

So we thought we’d show you what everyone gets when they join Niyaa People.

We have a dedicated Talent Manager, Gary Marshall whose role is to ensure the smooth on-boarding of your career at Niyaa People and teach you the practical stepping stones in your role as a Recruitment Consultant.

Too many companies allocate this role to a “Billing Manager”, but Learning and Development is the cornerstone of our company’s success, which is why we’ve got someone in the company dedicated to ensuring your future success.

"With their training given to all levels of their business, I personally believe this is one of the most robust training programmes I have seen and matches the investment more Corporate recruitment companies delivers to their recruiters (and in some instance I would say it is better!)”

Hannah Keep - Managing Director – Institute of Recruiters (IOR)

The First Twelve Weeks

  • You’ll start with up to 5 other Trainees so you can sit and learn together in the opening months of your career
  • 20 classroom-based modules: ranging from 60 minutes to half-day sessions
  • These modules are a blend of theoretical discussions, anecdotal stories and practical role-plays
  • Classroom based training is then practiced on the sales floor to imbed successful habits
  • Each Training Academy/Cohort/Grad programme (we aren’t really hung on what we call our Talent Builder programme) is a batch of a maximum of 5 Trainees who will be allocated 100% of our Talent Manager’s time
  • Weekly one-to-one reviews are conducted by your Talent Manager
  • In the opening three months you will be also assigned a Mentor, an experienced Consultant within our business whom you will sit with once a week
  • In the latter weeks of your opening 3 months you will attending weekly sales meeting within the Division you’ll be working in & attending client meetings with your peers


  • Upon completion/passing your three months: Congratulations, let’s celebrate!!
  • You are then “transferred” to your Division where you’ll sit with your Team Manager and fellow consultants – all at varying levels of experience
  • Your Manager’s responsibility is to ensure they continue to develop your opening 12 weeks training to ensure you are promoted to a “Recruitment Consultant” within 6 months
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of the team is home grown
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of our Managers started as Trainees

What about after?

  • You will be also assigned a new mentor for three monthly cycles to sit and down and discuss areas of improvement
  • 5 – 10 days worth of external training sessions will be delivered by three different learning and development Consultancies all specialising in Recruitment to demonstrate best practice techniques as well as world-renowned speakers to develop your mindset.
  • The training doesn’t stop just because your now a consultant. This is where it really gets interesting – where do you want to take your career, what are your strengths and weaknesses, how can we improve both? Want to be a manager? Specialise in Business Development? We can help you get there with a tailored training programme.

Being a part of the Niyaa People family is to be part of an exciting journey

Matthew Guest has been with us since the early days and the first ever person to go from Trainee to Section Manager.

Watch his story.

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