A photograph of Carla Baston

Carla Baston

South West Team Lead

0121 790 0982

Carla has been an integral part of our team for six years now, embarking on a remarkable journey from small village in Romania, through medical school in Birmingham, and now finally recruitment. Demonstrating unwavering dedication, she initially worked in Corporate Services for the public sector in the Midlands, before transitioning to building and managing our South West division, specialising in asset management for temporary staff.

Carla’s ambition is to expand the Southwest team, with hopes of building a team of 20 recruiters within the next 3-4 years. Beyond her success as a recruiter and team leader, she's also a proud dog mum to a gorgeous black Labrador named Bruno. She's also a skilled chef, having honed her culinary talents growing up in an Italian restaurant. Deliziosa!