23rd July 2019

One year on from her graduation and running our second Equal Housing event in October, here’s why Kam is so passionate about women in Social Housing.

Written by Kam Shergill – Social Housing Recruiter

Why women in leadership?

Going into my final year of university last year, I knew what I wanted to focus my dissertation on, Women in Leadership – why?

As a society, we like to think that we are up to speed with gender equality within the workplace – I personally think we still have a long way to go. Yes, it’s addressed more and is broadcasted in the media as and when required but women are vastly underrepresented within Housing – especially in Leadership roles.

Studying Women in Leadership allowed me to summarise three key factors that I believed contributed towards the statistics we wish to change in today’s society. These were: the gender pay gap, Women’s motivation and gender stereotypes. Now working in recruitment, my passion for supporting ambitious women to progress in their career has sparked up interest within the Housing industry.

Female leadership in Housing

Future female leaders within Housing need to feel empowered with a purpose that their knowledge, skills and ability is fundamentally required across all sectors within Housing. It’s essential for society to break from gender stereotypes – especially for an industry that thrives on its social values. Ultimately, the question is – what does it take to reach the top for Women in Housing? I’m positive that young women are increasingly becoming more ambitious and are thriving within today’s society but this ambition should allow women to step out of their comfort zone and break the glass ceiling that has pushed women down for decades. It’s time for females to take their hard earned seat in the board room and contribute towards decisions that will rightfully influence younger women to follow in their footsteps.

Following on from this, we also need to look at various sectors within Housing that could certainly benefit from having more women. Granted, the misconception about gender specific roles are slowly shrinking, but women make up around 14% of construction industry professionals (Go Construct, 2019). This is quite an alarming statistic but the events in our society are showing there is a strong potential to increase this. Leaders within Housing are responsible to encourage women to break gender stereotypes and change careers if they wish to do so.

Due to the importance of having Women in Housing, I’ve decided to put together an event that will involve a panel of female decision makers within Housing. A room full of passionate people who are interested in making a difference – are you interested in joining us?

Equal Housing Females of the Future Event

Our first Equal Housing gathering, we discussed BME diversity in Housing Senior Management, this time we want a room of peers to discuss the Senior Female roles in our industry with the panel and guest speakers.

If you’re interested in our next Social Housing event, please contact Kam using the details below or click here to visit our Eventbrite page for more info and to sign up for free.

“Niyaa People have been a pleasure to work with, in particular Kamran. He fully took on board our requirements and ensured that we found the right candidate for our position. I highly recommend Niyaa People and will definitely contact them for any future recruitment needs.”
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