26th March 2020

Keep your kids entertained (and you sane) during lockdown

Regardless of what’s happening to us adults and the concerns we’re having to deal with. Most of us have either got to keep our kids entertained during this period of lockdown or have family and friends with children. So we’ve gathered a list of some of the best online resources so far – make sure […]

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24th February 2020

IR35 All you need to know

From the 6th April 2020 the new IR35 Legalisation will be in place. Do you know what it is? If you are a contractor working via your own Ltd company you might be restricted to number of clients that you would normally work with on a regular basis.  The fee payer will now become responsible […]

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23rd July 2019

Equal Housing Event – Females of the Future

One year on from her graduation and running our second Equal Housing event in October, here’s why Kam is so passionate about women in Social Housing. Written by Kam Shergill – Social Housing Recruiter Why women in leadership? Going into my final year of university last year, I knew what I wanted to focus my dissertation on, […]

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Recruitment Canaries

11th April 2019

Recruitment Canaries ‘What do Leaders Really do’ Event

Who are the Recruitment Canaries? The recruitment industry is often seen to be very competitive, with agencies jostling over clients and unwilling to share successes and insights with one another. In fact, if you search ‘Cross collaboration recruitment agencies’ online, you’ll find next to nothing! However, the Recruitment Canaries are bucking the trend on this. In 2018, […]

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Chan Kataria

31st January 2019

Equal Housing – A Discussion with Chan Kataria

Welcome to the final blog post before the Equal Housing event on 07.02.18, we’ll have follow-up posts from the other speakers, but this week we speak to Chan Kataria about his views on Housing. Chan Kataria is the Group Chief Executive of EMH Group, a housing and care group with a turnover of over £100m, over […]

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Chantelle Miller

9th January 2019

Equal Housing – A Conversation with Chantelle Miller

With the Equal Housing event on the horizon, the third instalment of our campaign focuses on Chantelle Miller to discuss how got into Social Housing and her views on diversity. Chantelle was a NHF Future Leaders conference guest speaker 2018, an active CIH East Midlands member champion. Chantelle will also be an advisory board member […]

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Shelter Housing

19th December 2018

Transforming Lives – an Interview with Shelter

Last time, Niyaa People’s Social Housing Recruitment Manager Matthew Guest spoke to Tansy Crowley-Sweet from Castle Vale about what it’s really like to work in Social Housing. He’s now taken the opportunity to speak to Amy Mullins-Downes, Service Manager at Shelter in Birmingham about how they have created exciting initiatives to aid the homeless and […]

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Aileen Evans

31st October 2018

Equal Housing – A Talk With Aileen Evans

National Housing Summit 2018 certainly created headlines both inside and outside of the Social Housing Sector. Theresa May’s announcement that Housing associations, which are private and non-profit-making providers and managers of low-cost homes, will be able to bid for a share of the £2 billion fund stretching as far ahead as 2028-29. During the two […]

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Interview with Castle Value Community Housing

17th September 2018

Social Housing Interview with Castle Vale Community Housing

In our last post we spoke to our Trades and Labour team to highlight a topic of concern for the industry. This week’s post is written by Matthew Guest (Section Manager and Head of the Public Sector Property and Housing team at Niyaa People) and he speaks to Tansy Crowley-Sweet (Customer 1st & Income Manager at […]

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Social Housing disabled adaptions

22nd August 2018

Could you wait 9 months for the bathroom?

– Written by Michael Stephens (Trades & Labour Consultant) How I KnowAs a specialist Recruitment Consultant, I spend 45+ hours a week focusing on Trades and Labor recruitment within the East Midlands, purely for the public sector: Councils and Housing Associations. That’s a pretty niche market and it means I get to discuss with my customers […]

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