What is the role of a Site Supervisor?

Have you ever wondered, what exactly is the role of a Site Supervisor? Maybe you’ve wondered if you need one? 

The role of a Site Supervisor is usually to manage and regulate a construction site, ensuring the site is following health and safety guidelines. However, this is not always the case, we work closely with housing associations, local councils and contractors who usually employ Site Supervisors to coordinate the installation, maintenance, and repair work on their homes, both empty and tenanted.

They manage teams of operatives that execute tasks according to their projects' requirements. They ensure works are completed on time and to a high-quality standard, and often have to manage client and tenant expectation, which isn’t always easy!

We spoke to a Site Supervisor, who focuses on repairs and maintenance within housing contacts, to find out what their day-to-day life looks like.

How do you start off you day?

"My day starts with me checking my emails and going through my calendar to see what's been scheduled. I then spend some time contacting my operatives across the different sites I manage. I like to check in, ensure they’re all right and find out if there are any issues on site I need to be aware of.

Once I’ve wrapped up my calls, I move on to carry out my site visits, site inspections and scheduled visits, as well as picking up any unforeseen issues and emergencies on the sites."

What day to day tasks do you have to complete?

"I have scheduled visits and inspections that I must attend, and 90% of the time an operative will need you for support in one form or another."

What do you see as the best part of your job?

"For me the day is ever changing. Emergencies come up or an operative needs support and you're constantly dealing with something. You must manage your own time, tasks and schedule things accordingly."

Are there any areas of your job that you find more stressful than others?

"Managing client and tenant expectations."

How did you get your start as a Site Supervisor?

"After I took redundancy from the Post Office, I completed my SMSTS and other online courses and covered Assistant Site Manager roles. I then worked on a kitchen, bathroom and external works on a planned maintenance contract in Northampton. That contract ended, I moved to Milton Keynes and then I saw a vacancy for a Repairs Supervisor. I’ve been doing it ever since."

Do you have any parting advice for anyone getting into your field?

"Be realistic, thick skinned and be sure that this is what you want to do. The job, client, tenants and operatives are demanding and time consuming, that's why it's so important to manage their expectations.

Try not to get overwhelmed and take things personally. If you're looking for a job where you constantly get a pat on the back or a well done, then this is not for you. It’s dealing with an ever-increasing workload and is hard work, but doing a good job and making the client and tenant happy is a great reward.

It's also enjoyable because it’s ever moving and changing. If you are flexible enough in your approach, then give being a Site Supervisor a go."

Do you think you've got what it takes?

If you’re looking for a new direction in your career, or maybe you want to find out more about becoming a Site Supervisor, give our expert William a call.


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18th October