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We’re not going to sit here and tell you how to deal with the Coronavirus – because we know as much as you (and we’re not doctors).
But we’re really good at recruitment and seeing as business and job uncertainty is a top priority on everyone’s list – We’re here to help as much as we can.

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The Important of Company CulturThe Important of Company Culture and Wellbeinge and Wellbeing

Our consultants are speaking to people day in, day out. About how this outbreak is changing the work place. Our podcast interviews give you an insight into what other companies are doing and how they’re changing to work in the current climate.

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  • How Housing Associations are dealing with the coronavirus
  • The transition from working in the office to working at home
  • How Housing Associations are monitoring and supporting residents wellbeing
  • Architecture Business Trends and Post COVID-19 Recovery
  • Housing Recovery Plans and Boosting Staff Engagement
  • Housing Income Management During COVID-19
  • How to continue property maintenance during the pandemic
  • How Housing Associations have managed anti-social behaviour during COVID-19
  • Housing Recovery Planning and Implementation​ for COVID-19

  • A Career Change into the Housing Sector
  • The Importance of Company Culture and Wellbeing

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Keep kids entertained & learning from home

Regardless of what’s happening to us adults and the concerns we’re having to deal with. Most of us have either got to keep our kids entertained during this period of lockdown or have family and friends with children.

What COVID-19 means for contract workers

Am I eligible for grants? What am I entitled to? What’s the government doing to support me financially?

Whether you’ve got a limited company, self-employed or work through an umbrella company we’ve got a document full of information and links.

Let us help your residents & neighbours

All-day, every day, it feels like an unprecedented number of sources are giving us information about how to act in these uncertain times
If there’s one more phrase that you’ll hear on a daily basis, it’s that we’re all in this together, or everyone’s in the same boat.
And whilst it does provides a sense of togetherness, for some home doesn’t mean safety and it’s estimated that £3.5 million people over 65 live alone and are now totally isolated, or maybe people have family members sick in the hospital that they can’t visit.
We can’t offer a magic wand, no-one can. But if there’s one thing us recruiters are good at, it’s talking.
And we don’t plan on stopping now.
How is Covid 19 changing your life? Are there residents in social housing communities that could do with a chat over a virtual cup of tea? Maybe you want a natural, unbiased person to just talk to.
We can also offer delivery support for shopping and medication as we’ve already done with a few of our customers.
This is where we can help. Today. Tomorrow. Whenever.

How to get in touch

  • Head to our website and talk to us on the live webchat
  • Give our office a call on 0121 773 0966 and it will be directed to one of the team members
  • We can hold video calls via Nvue our video software
  • Email us on [email protected] and your query will be directed to a consultant
“Niyaa People have been a pleasure to work with, in particular Kamran. He fully took on board our requirements and ensured that we found the right candidate for our position. I highly recommend Niyaa People and will definitely contact them for any future recruitment needs.”
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Beaumont Structural Consultants