26th March 2020

Keep your kids entertained (and you sane) during lockdown

Regardless of what’s happening to us adults and the concerns we’re having to deal with. Most of us have either got to keep our kids entertained during this period of lockdown or have family and friends with children. So we’ve gathered a list of some of the best online resources so far – make sure […]

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2nd January 2020

Benefits at work: Why this company didn’t lose a staff member in 10 years

Witten by Matthew Davies – Manager and Real Estate Specialist From my work in 2019 I have met and spoke with over 150 different companies from predominately property multidisciplinary or consultancy practices. I was looking back through each businesses staff retention rates and in particular one business stands out. Purely because they haven’t lost a […]

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23rd August 2019

The Future of Digital Twins: Changing the Built Environment

It’s one month away from the joint event between Niyaa People and IES to present and explore technological advances and the future of Digital Twins. So we’ve decided to life the lid and dive a little deeper into the company behind the product. Who and what is IES? Founded in 1994, IES’s analytical tools and industry […]

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31st July 2019

Should Architectural teams have in-house Revit trainers?

Here at Niyaa, training and L&D is the cornerstone of our business, this isn’t just a statement but now means 90% of our team and 100% of our senior management are home-grown talent. So much so, that in 2018 we created the role of Internal Talent Manager. Should Architectural teams be considering hiring Revit Trainers […]

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Commercial Real Estate Service Charge Alterations

1st July 2019

All About RICS Service Charge Alterations

How have the mandatory service charge alterations affected you since the 1st of April?  Will it lead to businesses being less profitable after old leases run their course and new ones are negotiated? Or will companies just raise their rents to subsidise the loss of income on service charges? Is this even something that will […]

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Recruitment Canaries

11th April 2019

Recruitment Canaries ‘What do Leaders Really do’ Event

Who are the Recruitment Canaries? The recruitment industry is often seen to be very competitive, with agencies jostling over clients and unwilling to share successes and insights with one another. In fact, if you search ‘Cross collaboration recruitment agencies’ online, you’ll find next to nothing! However, the Recruitment Canaries are bucking the trend on this. In 2018, […]

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Recruitment Canaries

20th June 2018

Recruitment Canaries – We All Fly Together

Many recruitment companies invest a large proportion of their annual budget on building relationships with customers, holding and sponsoring events for their specialist industries. But what about the recruitment industry? No longer is this seen as an sector filled with unskilled workers who are out there to make “quick cash”; Respected recruitment professionals work long hours and […]

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Niyaa People Annual Conference

30th May 2018

Niyaa People go to… Kent – Annual Conference 2018

What makes a company really cool? It’s become an annual ritual, The Niyaa People Conference. It’s 2 weeks prior and the team still have no idea where they’re going. Some suspect Bristol, others say Liverpool and there’s a running joke it’s Cannock. Sat in the board room, with one week left, the reveal video plays. […]

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Recruitment training session

17th May 2018

Invest In Your People – An Interview with Niyaa People’s Talent Manager

We spoke to non other than our very own resident Talent Manager to ask some intriguing questions about the job, our own training and starting in the industry.  Q: What’s your background and history with Niyaa People?A: I joined Niyaa in 2012 and spent the next four years running our Architecture desk. After a short […]

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Recruitment Rowathon

6th March 2018

#RecruitmentRowathon Highlights

On Friday 2nd March 2018, Niyaa People took part in the Recruitment Rowathon alongside 5 other recruitment companies and The Atlantic Avengers themselves. As a collective we all rowed 609,892 meters raising £4422 for the charity The OPERA Global Youth Foundation! It was a huge collaboration by everyone involved, lots of sweat, tears and jelly […]

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“Niyaa People have been a pleasure to work with, in particular Kamran. He fully took on board our requirements and ensured that we found the right candidate for our position. I highly recommend Niyaa People and will definitely contact them for any future recruitment needs.”
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Beaumont Structural Consultants